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ACS LPP - Low Powered Prox Access Control System


    ACS LPP - Low Powered Prox Access Control System

    The new LPP is a low powered battery operated access control with proximity reader. It is a complete single door or cabinet system in one easy-to-install kit.


    The kit comes complete with a proximity reader, controller and lock. There are multiple lock applications to choose from and it all operates on a 9 volt battery.


    The compatibility makes it an ideal solution for adding access control to a remote door or cabinet that's not tied into the existing hardwired system. The system is also capable of integrating with existing credentials… no need to add separate cards.



    • Up to 40,000 cycles per set of batteries before battery change required



    • A complete single door access control system in one easy-to-install-kit


    • Quick and easy plug-in installation and setup


    • Interoperable with most 125-kHz Proximity Protocols


    • Supports applications where power is difficult to get to


    • Cost effective solution - no running or hardwiring of cables required


    • Ideal replacement for mechanical keypad


    • Reader fits on mullion frames


    • Aesthetically pleasing design - Surface mounts on standard back box


    • Easy programming - simple add/delete credentials


    • Maintains access control in the event of a power outage


    • Low battery warning LED remains visible for 250 operations on 1 battery and 500 operations for 2 batteries


    • Simple battery replacement - no dismantling of controller, simply lift lid and drop in (see inset photo above)


    • Emergency battery access available in the event of battery failure


    • Built in LED and sounder indicates status and provides visual entry confirmation


    • Accepts up to 100 users



    • 2 Year Warranty


    Reader (Prox) : 75.2mm x 42.2mm x 18.2mm

    Main Power Controller (driver/controller): 110mm x 73mm x 23.5mm


    Number of Users

    up to 100


    Operating Temperature

    0ºF to 132ºF (-20ºC to 55ºC)


    Power Requirements

    One or Two 9 Volt battery (Two 9 volt batteries included in kit)


    "Door Open" time frame

    5 Seconds


    Read Range

    Prox Card (0-3 cm)

    Key Fob (0-3 cm)


    Harness (wire) length

    3 Feet (36 inches)



    2 Year Limited

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