Can I see my camera on my iphone; ipad; or Android phone and tablet?

Yes, you are able to view your camera on your iphone, ipad, and any android device. Contact us to find out more information regarding this feature!

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At Cumberland Cameras and Locks we specialize in Surveillance Cameras and Security Locks.


Your security is our concern.  Security Cameras allows you the opportunity to protect your valuables, and protect your investments.   Cameras have become a mainstay in businesses and home because they have established themselves as a definite deterrent for crime.

We install Security Cameras, including-IP Cameras; CCTV cameras; Infra-red Night Vision Cameras and Surveillance Cameras.  We can have it setup that you can monitor and view your home, cottage or business anywhere in the world from your tablet, computer or smart phone. Your surveillance package includes internet access to your cameras at no extra charge. (There is no monthly charge for accessing and viewing your cameras; all you need is your existing internet)


We also look after all your Door Lock needs.

We change locks, repin and cut keys.  We also change door lock cylinders.  With over 20 years experience you can have confidence in us.


We are located in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and we provide service to the following areas: Amherst, Oxford, Springhill, Parrsboro, Pugwash, Nova Scotia we also cover Sackville, Aulac, Port Elgin, New Brunswick.

How  are IP Cameras better than Analog Cameras?

Picture Quality- The best analog surveillance camera can’t hold a candle to the worst IP camera when it comes to the resolution of the picture it captures. The best analog camera can manage the equivalent of less than half a megapixel, whereas a 2.1 megapixel camera, you guessed it- produces more than 2 megapixels of picture. That is easily 4x the picture quality.

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What are IP cameras?

An Internet Protocol Camera or IP Camera is a type of digital video camera used for surveillance which unlike the old Analog CCTV cameras, can send and receive video images via a computer network and the Internet.

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